Flipping the classroom

More in line with Sugata Mitra’s SOLE approach is the concept of flipping the classroom. This is a great graphic I found on Samantha Schroeder’s blog.


She also summarized the tools for flipping the classroom quite nicely:

Our PIDP 3250 class brainstormed in class activities and ways to flip a classroom here are the suggestions, Thanks to all who contributed.

  • Role playing
  • Homework – “Ask the expert” during class time
  • Play Jeopardy with terms introduced in the video
  • Have them critique how well the video brought concepts across
  • Get them to answer a questionnaire about the material
  • Make a pop quiz at beginning of class worth 2%
  • Go on a field trip to a relevant destinations
  • Have a guest speaker
  • Students form groups and come up with games for class
  • Team based Learning
  • Immediate feedbvack assessment techniques
  • Discuss a audio recording or video in class
  • Students help each other and compare, collaborate, assess and demonstrate
  • Working backwards… on purpose
  • Review the  lesson for the next day and come to school to carry out/practice the task/objective

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